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VViLULkjiI  VOX  Hr3Ii:OLlJT,                   413
Harflenberg "before his death. In WitzIeLei/s re-
mark:?, tie szrongiy recommended tL.^ I^i^g to select
HiiffiLdHt as chief minister of state. But the time
was not favourable for such a leader of tLe Prussiitn
state, find lie would scarcely hare been able 13 main-
tain himself in the position. His opponents probably
prevented his appointment^ and the minister. Ton
Altenstein, principally, is said to have used his influ-
ence ftgainst- Humboldt. "Wltzleben, however, "boldly
opposed these machinations^                                   to
Ms faTomite            Humboldt,                          objec-
as                lie                   too
in the council    "Witzlebea              that
could have but one vote, as all the other
:  " It is the            which decides,         that,
certainly, Herr von Huzaboldt                in a          de-
gree. But Herr von Altenstem will fear that, or
declare it contraband."
The king, however, kept to the views he had
enunciated,    Count Loraixa was5 indeed, not named.
presidenu   of the  ministry,   for  this  post   remained
vacant, tut lie received the post         title of prime
Hnmboldt thus remaineii at liberty to" devote
himself to science ancl to revel in the domains of
In the autumn of 182% lie         in
visited Goethe in November.    This great poet was
MgHy gratified "by the visit of his old friend.    Hunt-
lx>ldt              "with         the letters which ScMiler
written to                     the                    period of Ms
life;   bat  Go^the^             mind          foreign to
speculative tendency^          not seem to have
enjoyed these letters, for he at this time            this
speculative epoch in Schiller's life an                one.
Humboldt  opposed Mm,  though without
Goethe's susceptible nature.   On the         ISTo^ember,
Hxunboldt was invited to the           of the archduke,
was one of the first who received the